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File:Tanagra, 5th century kylix a symposiast sings Theognis o paidon kalliste.png|thumb|upright-1.1|A kylix (drinking cup)|kylix from Tanagra, Boeotia, 5th century B.C. A symposiast sings Ω παίδον κάλλιστε, the beginning of a verse by Theognis '''Theognis of Megara''' (, ''Théognis ho Megareús'') was a Greek lyric poet active in approximately the sixth century BC. The work attributed to him consists of gnomic poetry quite typical of the time, featuring ethical maxims and practical advice about life. He was the first Greek poet known to express concern over the eventual fate and survival of his own workB. M. Knox, 'Theognis', ''The Cambridge History of Greek Literature:I Greek Literature'', Cambridge University Press (1985), P. Easterling and B. Knox (ed.s), pages 138 and, along with Homer, Hesiod and the authors of the Homeric Hymns, he is among the earliest poets whose work has been preserved in a...
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